EasyFit Trend lens edger’s benefits

Born from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFit Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field with its unique features, including:


Milling Technology

Extreme precision with no rework

Dry Cut

No water to cut lenses

No block

Blocks and pads are eliminated

Total Quality Control

Avoid inspection process before and after the edging

The new EasyFit Trend features an innovative tracing system that further increases the overall productivity and a new modern and compact design.

MEI has also integrated into this new machine the ‘Total Quality Control’ system, developed on top range products. The built-in inspection instruments assure the precise automatic measurement of all the optical parameters, avoiding any other inspection process before and after the edging.

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The new EasyFit Trend is receiving great feedback worldwide. This new machine won the Silmo d’OR Award in Paris, and the Vision Plus Award in Dubai.


Most outstanding product


Material / Equipment

All the advantages of the EasyFit Trend lens cutter


100% first time fit thanks to its extreme precision, with the maximum quality, avoiding rework. With the EasyFit Trend you can maintain this precision over time with milling technology, unlike grinding wheels.


Incredibly fast lens processing speed. Unmatched cycle time for every edge type, material and coating. You can also load right and left lenses at once and wait for the complete glasses, optimizing your work.


EasyFit Trend is the only lens cutting machine able to edge every kind of bevel (bevel, rimless, nylor, drilling, polishing, safety bevel, T-bevel, step back, …) with every inclination (up to base 16) in one single process.

Ease of Use

Simplified, user friendly interface on a 17” touchscreen monitor to guarantee the best user experience with the lens cutting machine. Immediate lens placement with the integrated lensometer: blocks and pads are eliminated.


Best quality and maximum reliability guaranteed by years of experience made possible by MEI R&D the global leader in lens edging solutions.


Automatic calibration of lens edger make it easy for the machine operator to replace tools themselves.

Environmentally Sustainable

No water to cut lenses with saving 1 million liters / 264k gallons a year*. The water filtering system is eliminated. Environmentally sustainability and cost savings.

Technical Assistance

Our EasyFit Trend technical support can provide assistance to solve any issues. Thanks to the remote support we can help you immediately and if necessary a technician can come to you.

Easily Edge Sport Frames

With the automatic integrated shape finder system, you can easily and quickly edge prescription lenses for sport frames, delivering one of a kind benefits to your customers and increasing your profitability. Depending on the tools diameter and edge type requested, the special EasyFit Trend SW can automatically generate the cutting path and shapes needed to create a “ready to cut” sports job with just a few simple steps.

Make Them Truly Unique

With the new Engraving function you can offer your customers an exclusive service. You can create a totally customized lens with markings that make them truly unique; logos, drawings, initials and icons. Your customers’ glasses will no longer be simple, they will be an expression of their personality.

Remote Edging Solution

With the remote edging solution you can send your jobs from one (or more) shops to the location of your EasyFit Trend patternless edger. This technology provides a cost savings by eliminating shipment of frames, optimizing your work flow and avoiding to have a lens edger in every location.

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To view the video, accept our cookie policy
MEI Cases of success
Bill McGellivray
Optical Director - EyeHealth Northwest

No-Block makes it user friendly.

Martin Lasnik
Owner - Lasnik

It’s perfect for our business model. It’s perfect for our shop. It’s perfect for our brand.

Moises Fridzon
CEO - Power Optics Group

This definitely will exceed your expectations.

Chris Childress
Store Manager - SeaView Optical

The fastest, more accurate equipment in the business.

Jeff Hirsch
Owner - MH Optical Labs

So now the machine opens up, we can simply take our lens out now that should be a perfect fit to the frame, no heating is required and all we got to do is take it, pop it in and we’re good to go.

Lamberto Labella
Owner - Optariston

We at Optariston are constantly evolving, we keep looking for new materials and new products. It is precisely for this reason that we need to have a high-performing machine.

Alberto Battocchio
Lab manager - Punto Ottico HumanEyes

EzFit is an innovative, extraordinary, revolutionary lens edger with a green impact, truly amazing. A machine that works without water to cut lenses.

Stefano Chiarla
Owner of Italian Optic shops

We chose EzFit by MEI because it is the cutting-edge technology for the lens edging. We can do everything now, including quickly edge prescription lenses for sport frames.

Anton Syzdykov and Steve Nelson
Owners of Eye Candy Optical shops (Ohio, US)

EzFit edger took our lens edging to the whole next level in terms of speed and quality. If you desire quality, speed, and efficiency, MEI will perfectly fit the bill.

Roland Bischel
Owner of an optical shop in Traiskirchen, near Vienna

With MEI we don’t feel like we are just customers, we’re partners. Because we share the same goal: customer service and professionalism in preparing spectacle lenses.

Marco Carminati
Owner of two optical shops near Bergamo, Italy

We have always proposed ourselves as optical manufacturers and not as simple retailers. I believe showing EzFit to the public is a prestigious business card, as well as a valid element of differentiation.

Alessandro Casoni
Owner - Ottica Casoni

In addition to high productivity, which is not our priority because we work with small numbers, EasyFit Trend guarantees great reliability and precision in lens edging.

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